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Case Study:

Rehab Center

Learn How We 9x-ed Our Canadian Rehab Center Client’s Organic Traffic in a Year and a Half.

Increase in qualified leads
Increase in organic traffic
Increase in keywords on 1st page

Industry: Canadian Luxury Rehab

Starting Point · December 2022
Avg. Organic Traffic
Keywords Ranked in 1–3
Keywords Ranked in 4–10
End Point · April 2024
Avg. Organic Traffic
Keywords Ranked in 1–3
Keywords Ranked in 4–10

Target Personas and Their Pain Points Breakdown

Target Persona #1
Individuals Struggling with Addiction
  • Overcoming the fear of withdrawal symptoms.
  • Lack of support from family and friends.
  • Concerns about the cost of treatment.
  • Shame and stigma associated with addiction.
  • Difficulty in maintaining long-term sobriety.
Target Persona #2
Family Members of Individuals Struggling with Addiction
  • Helplessness in supporting their loved one.
  • Fear of relapse or overdose.
  • Financial strain from treatment costs.
  • Emotional exhaustion and stress.
  • Lack of knowledge about effective treatment options.
Target Persona #3
Individuals Executives and Business Professionals with Addiction
  • Career Impact: Fear of addiction affecting their professional reputation and career prospects.
  • Time Constraints: Difficulty in finding a program that accommodates their busy schedules.
  • Stress Management: High levels of work-related stress contributing to addiction.
  • Privacy and Confidentiality: Need for utmost discretion to avoid professional repercussions.
  • Work-Life Balance: Struggle to balance work responsibilities with recovery.

Strategy Execution & Timeline


Setup & Foundation

  • Audit Content and Addiction Treatment Page Gaps
  • Low-hanging-fruit Content and Website Optimization
  • In-Depth Keyword Research & Long-term Strategy
  • Initialize Content Production & Backlink Outreach
  • E-E-A-T Elements Optimization
  • Blog Layout Optimization


Initialize & Optimize

  • Initialize Long-term Content Marketing Strategy
  • Initialize Addiction Treatment Pages Optimization
  • Rehab Center Location Pages Optimization
  • Off-site SEO and GMB Optimization
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Finalize Data Studio Report


Scale & Streamline

  • Streamline Communications and Processes
  • Scale Content Product
  • Target New Addiction Treatment Pages
  • Scale Backlink Outreach Campaigns


Monitor & Analyze

  • Monitoring and Analyze SEO Efforts
  • Initialize Digital PR Campaigns
  • Optimize Conversion Funnels to Treatment Pages


Regather & Asses

  • Blog-wide E-E-A-T Standardization
  • Finalize Product Page Optimization
  • Review Long Term Strategy
  • Review and Reassess Business KPIs


New Horizons

  • Research New Avenues and Target Audiences
  • Pivot Long-term Strategy According to New KPIs
  • Reinitialize Digital PR Campaigns to Align with New KPIs

Project Challenges

No E-E-A-T Processes & Elements
Train Client Staff for Medical Content Review and Implement EEAT elements across the website.
Bad SEO-related Habits
Retrain the client’s technical team in on-page and technical processes and requirements.
Low Quality Content
Minor and major optimization of sitewide content based on business and SEO value.
Poor Conversion Elements
Optimize the conversion elements from TOFU articles to BOFU product pages.
Poor User Experience
Redesign the layout of blog articles, product pages, and menus for better readability and navigation.
Missing Communication Channels
Create and monitor slack channels for all relevant stakeholders to ensure efficiency and accountability.
Poor Performance Tracking
Re-implement sitewide metrics tracking in order to measure KPIs.

+758 increase in
organic traffic

+649 increase in
keywords on 1st page

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