Monetization tools for website owners:

From Zero to Organic Hero in
Less than 8 months!

We will demonstrate a specific use case with a case study where you can find and see actual results based on hard work done in several consecutive months.

Engaging in fruitful actions for a successful outcome

Who was the client?

Our client is building tools for website monetisation and is looking to attract website owners via SEO (organic traffic strictly)

Client still has no website

Client is building a website on a newly bought domain

What were the goals?

Client’s plan was to create a single page website, focused on the product

Client’s product beta to be launched in 8 months 

What we did...

Market research

Traffic Analytics

Keyword Ranking

Performance Metrics

How we did it?

Market research

–> A keyword and market research to identify what the target audience are looking for on Google (What they search for, and what is the average monthly search volume)

–> Competitors analysis to identify key traffic pages that can attract traffic from relevant keywords where The result was: 1,650 relevant focus keywords found

Total of 400,000+ monthly searches on Google (USA only)

These 1,650 keywords were made into 35 different groups

–> Create keywords focus score based on: 

Keyword relevancy (How likely this keyword can convert)

–> Monthly search volume

–> SEO competition (Manual analysis of websites ranking in the top results)

Content plan & writing

–> Aloha turned these 35 keyword groups into 100+ article briefs which then became a big content hub on the client’s website.

–> The content writers got exact briefs on:

What topics to include in the article

Which keywords to use, and when

How long should the articles be

Guidelines to create eye-catching headlines (For better CTR)



Link building

What is the exact process we went through

Setup Stage

Market Research –> Content Strategy –> Content Briefs –> Content Writing –> Launch of a content hub while developing the product’s main website –> Content Publishing –> Google indexes the content hub

Ongoing Stage

Natural and highly relevant link building –> Content optimization –> Find new traffic-generating content opportunities –> Write and publish new content –> Build more backlinks –> Repeat!

Achieved results in 8 months are breathtaking

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from 500 to 85,000+ Organic visits in less than an year
over 900% improvement in Organic Keywords
600% and more ROI